Marine Mammal Protection Act

National Marine Fisheries Service Publishes Proposed Rule for U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Protection Act Authorizations – 45-Day Comment Opportunity Announced

Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing Proposed Rule (June 2018) Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing Proposed Rule (June 2018)
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On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) published a proposed rule in the Federal Register to issue regulations and subsequent Letters of Authorization to the Navy to incidentally take marine mammals during specified training and testing activities conducted in the Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing EIS/OEIS Study Area.

The Navy has taken into account public comments received on the Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing Draft EIS/OEIS, as well as best available science and the feasibility of implementing additional mitigation measures to further reduce impacts on marine mammals. Since its initial submittal of the application to NMFS on Sept. 13, 2017, the Navy has increased and enhanced its proposed mitigation measures and revised mitigation areas. These revisions can be found in the Navy's Oct. 13, 2017, final application. The Navy will continue to work with NMFS to finalize its mitigations through the development of the final rule.

NMFS is requesting public comments prior to issuing a final rule and making final decisions on the issuance of the requested authorizations. The comment period provides the public an opportunity to submit recommendations, views, or concerns regarding the proposed rule. Comments will be accepted throughout the 45-day comment period, which closes Aug. 9, 2018. Comments may be submitted:

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