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Importance of the Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing Study Area

The Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing Study Area is essential for meeting the Navy’s mission. The Study Area has unique attributes, including location, proximity, environment and size, that make it an ideal training and testing venue.

Proximity to the Homeport of Naval Forces: San Diego, Calif. and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii are naval homeports, meaning each has a high concentration of key Navy organizations, commands, vessels and infrastructure. This means more time spent training rather than traveling to training areas, and reduces fuel costs and usage.

Proximity to other Ranges in the Southwest:
Southern California contains the most capable and heavily-used concentration of Navy ranges in the eastern Pacific.

Proximity to the Western Pacific: Hawaii serves as an ideal en route training location for units deploying from the West Coast to the western Pacific Ocean or Middle East. Range capabilities in Hawaii provide an opportunity for deploying units to conduct training in multiple warfare areas.

In-transit Training Space: The transit areas linking these two critical range complexes provide ample opportunity for ships and aircraft to conduct valuable en route training and testing activities.

Training Environment: The ability to train in underwater topography that is similar to the littoral (nearshore or shallow water) areas of the world is crucial to Navy deployment preparations. The underwater areas of the Southern California Range Complex are essential to Navy training in antisubmarine warfare, which is conducted in the littoral areas. The training environment is also important for air, surface, subsurface and amphibious training activities.

For forces based in the continental U.S. the Hawaii ranges provide an opportunity to train in an unfamiliar environment, and to make real-time adjustments required by Sailors and Marines. The large training area available within the Hawaii Range Complex allows training to take place on a geographic scale that replicates possible real world events. There are also large remote areas within the complex that provide an ideal setting for long distance tests and multinational exercises such as the Rim of the Pacific.